Mr. Kahoona's playful method to successful edocation of children.
As you know the childhood is the period where the seeds of creativity as well as self-confidence are sown. They can be harvested in adult life.

Mr. Kahoona says every kid has the potential to become something. But what? This book helps you and your kid find out. It stimulates integration of eastern and western ideas, it helps children cope with disappointments and much more.
Mr. Kahoona developed a playful method to successful edocation of children.

Mr. Kahoona's method stimulates the IQ: the Imagination Quotient!

If you have children yourself or you know people that have children this is the book to buy. Also please tell some friend about this book. Do not lend them this book, but suggest they own one. I say this because I want you to re-read this book through the whole childhood of your children.